Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Hi I'm Gemma

Ok, so to explain where I'm going with all of this I must start with the beginning for you to make sense of it all, so bare with me while I waffle on a bit to get to my point! The majority (if not all) of you reading this will know me as Gemma Goldstone - fashion designer of my self titled womenswear label, but it has occurred to me recently -how many of you know who I actually am?! Although technically my surname is no longer Goldstone (I recently got hitched to my high school sweetheart) for all intensive purposes - I am still Gemma Goldstone. I've studied fashion since I was 16 (not including my years of GCSE textiles) and it is something that is built within me. Everything from part time jobs to hobbies to career have all revolved around clothing. I've always been weird, a bit of a dreamer and slightly eccentric and no matter what I've always found a need to create, so running my own clothing label is the perfect thing for me to do with my life. But lately it's not enough. When thinking about where I go from here and what I want to do with the rest of my life the only answer's I can come up with are everywhere and everything! Writing has always been another passion of mine however it isn't until now that I've realised that I've been sitting on something without even realising- MY BLOG!!! Until now, my blog has always been directed towards Gemma Goldstone - the clothing label, but I have so much more to offer that I want to share! In the age that we live in we have learnt that you don't have to leave school/college/uni to get a job and label yourself with one profession for the rest of time. You can be a presenter and a DJ with a styling job on the side. Or be a model with a lifestyle blog and cook book. All combinations are welcomed and accepted.

So now for my point, although I am the owner of the Gemma Goldstone clothing label, that is not the be all end all with me. So I have decided to make over my blog and take it down to a more personal level. Yes there will still be references to my clothing label - that's a big chunk of my life and so it would be impossible to disregard it, but I'm also going to share with you my life. I want to show you that Gemma Goldstone is more than just the name of my label - it's also the person behind all of that... ME :)

So I hope that you will be accepting of this change and join me on my journey as not just a designer but a creative, a stylist, a photographer, a writer, an obsessive and an all round boss babe x

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