Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Major Indie Brand Big Up

Being a small indie label, though it's super fun, it can be tough being a small fish in a rather large pond! This is why it's soo important to support each other and give credit where credits due! Gone are the days on stepping on each other's toes with your 6 inch stilettos and in are the super cool and super friendly creatives having each other's backs and showing some serious love! This is why I have decided to dedicate this post to 4 major players in the here and now fash pack!

Shop Floor Whore

Headed up by mega babe Siobhan, super kawaii label Shop Floor Whore is leading the turban take over and taking all the fluffy accessories to match! Dressing the coolest of the cool in the club kid scene, her seriously fierce creations are the only way to add colour and sparkle to your style! Top of my wishlist is her AMAZING pink fluffy Marabou earrings 💖💖💖

Sassy World

Launched this year by the queen of sass her self, Helena Lester-Card, has turned the vintage world into a kaleidoscope of colour and print. Hand picking the most amazing pieces you will ever come across and styling them up with some major custom Sassy World accessories she is brining back ultimate Girl Power though style! Top of my wish list is one of her AMAZING pink Sassy World chokers 💖💖💖

MODU Snapbacks

After meeting the MODU team at some London pop up events I can honestly say they truly are as cool as their brand and the most friendly and fun to be around! Customising their range of Snapbacks with some serious fun, they are top of their game offering something different draped in coolness. Top of my wish list is their AMAZING black and pink Barbie SnapBack 💖💖💖

Romy LDN 

New kids on the block Romy LDN have already won the heart of every 90's obsessed girl in the Uk. Customising chunky 90's style sandles with fluffy faux fur, shoes will never be the same again! Fluffy feet are the only way to party through this summer! Top of my wishlist is their AMAZING pink on white SISI sandles 💖💖💖

Be sure to check out these amazing brands and show them some love, coz they're bloody awesome!

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